Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do family and seniors?


I do!! My main focus is weddings- but I offer mini sessions every few months throughout the year, and have studio sessions in the winter! I enjoy creating something uniquely special for my seniors! No studios with strange props that don’t fit in, we go out somewhere amazing! Somewhere that suits your personality and your vibes! You are uniquely YOU and that needs to shine through more than anything! 



How do payments work?

For weddings: there is a $500 non-refundable retainer fee (this reserves your date!) The remainder of the payment is due one month before your wedding! For family and Seniors, there is a $50 non-refundable retainer, and the rest is due at or before the session!


What is your turnaround time?

For weddings: 4-6 weeks, with 48 hour sneak peeks! For sessions, 2-3 weeks turnaround!


Do you photoshop?

I do not use photoshop! I edit them in my style, and only remove objects in the background or anything that isn’t regularly on your body! (ex. Pimples, bruises, bug bites, scars/bandaids)

You are YOU. Beautiful and worthy inside and out. You were created with a purpose, and nothing about that should be changed!


What if you can’t make it?

The only reasons I would be unable to make it is if there were an act of God (storm/weather) an illness for me or for my family, if I were to be pregnant (close to my due date, or during my maternity leave) or if there was a death in the family. If and when any of these happen: I have many friends in the photography community that I can reach out to! Each of them are dedicated, and amazing women that I would 100% trust to associate shoot for me! I’d give you the option for them to completely take over the wedding, or for me to edit the images! 


What about photos on the wedding day?

I absolutely ADORE unplugged wedding days! I believe that everyone at a wedding should be soaking in every moment- not taking photos. (That’s my job!!!) A sign,  something at the bottom of your program, or your officiant make an announcement! 


Do you offer payment plans?

YES! I 100% get that it can be a daunting thing to pay off wedding vendors! SO we can go over what this looks like for you when you book! Whether it’s a payment every few months, or adjusting as we go- I got you!

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