Luke and Jess: Dubuque Micro Wedding

December 29, 2020

Luke and Jess, WOW. Can I just say: they were one of the most fun, hilarious, stomach cramping we were lauching so hard kind of couples!

These two met at a wedding in Jamaica a few years back! They dated long-distance: Jess was in North Carolina and Luke in Colorado. She moved back home to Dubuque, so the distance wasn’t as bad as it originally was, right? Luke racked up a lot of travel points, and Jess fell in love with Colorado! When I first video chatted with them in January 2020, my husband and I were going to fly out to Fort Collins and spend several days with Luke and Jess! We were gonna stay in their home, go hiking, and do mountain engagement photos! But when covid hit, the flights were canceled and we moved their engagement session to Ledges State Park (The closest thing we could get to Colorado in central Iowa)

Their wedding day was August 29th, 2020. They kept their same date, and the city, but chose to downsize to 20 people. Immediate family, a few very close friends, and their photographer. (And the photographer’s chauffeur ;))

A few highlights of their day:

Luke’s sister is actually how they met! Melissa and Jess were roommates and she was best friends with her for years before she ever met Luke! Melissa helped with the final touches of getting ready, into the dress, and strapping the shoes on. There was so much love for her best friend marrying her brother.

Their ceremony had so many personal moments in it! A cousin and another sister both did readings during the ceremony! Melissa officiated the wedding and had so many words of wisdom for the couple. They planted a lemon tree as their unity ceremony! Lemon trees are known for symbolizing fertility (which the whole family was a fan of) protection and long-lasting!

With having such a small amount of people at their wedding, everyone was able to dance freely- with no judgement! They rocked their way through their first dances, and topped it off with a sparkler exit!

Since we stay with them at the beautiful Four Mounds inn and conference center, I talked them into getting up and doing a morning bridal session! They got into their wedding garb and we did a few photos by the river, and drove over to the Mines of Spain, and did some hiking! BEST decision ever!

Wedding Vendors:

Photography: Corah B Photography

Venue: Four Mounds B&B

Beautiful Florals: Clara Joyce Flowers

Wedding dress: BHLDN

Hair: Anova Salon!

Suit: Grahams

Decor: Inside Decor Rental

Catering: Creative Catering