Meet Your Photographer

Hey there, I'm Corah Booth- the one who will be answering all your emails, and running around like a lunatic taking photos!!!

A few things about me: I was raised to care for people. I've got love overflowing every which way, and try my hardest to make sure I love you two as best as I possibly can. 

My top priority as your wedding photographer is a) knowing you. I do this by connecting over a FaceTime call or Coffee date before booking. b) when I take your photos I learn about how you two work. I ask questions about how well you two know each other because you have a CONNECTION. You two have history, stories, pain, joy, giggles, struggles, things from your past that you thought no one would want and THIS PERSON didn't care. This person chose you, and you choose them. No one will ever know that- me or any other human. It's about YOU. 

I'm a professional-without the stuffy formalities!!

I bond with couples who love each other so much and want that to be the highlight of the day over the centerpieces or the cost of everything- in the end, its ONE day.  I treasure marriage. I stand by you in your decision to stand by each other no matter what. A wedding is one day in your life- and your marriage is years, and THAT is what matters to me.  A wedding day is a fun and romantic public display of that, but a marriage lasts a lifetime, and you need someone who sees that and values it as much as you do. 

A few things about me:

  • Got hitched June 1st 2019​

  • I looooooove cooking! I'll probably tell you about it pretty often. It's like Kevin's famous chilli: It's what I do best

  • I'm a plant momma

  • Bunny mama to Pheobe and Velma 

  • Puppy mama to our boy Gryffin

  • Mega fan of  'The Office', 'Parks and Rec', and then a combo of lots of biography shows and movies 

  • Favorite bands: The Front Bottoms, Turnover, always gonna be a TOP fan

  • I wore lime green eyeshadow when I was 13 and no one stopped me

  • Travel bug like ALL THE TIME

  • One of our favorite things to do: watch hour long baby and dog video compilations. We both have baby fever

  • I find the best deals: I furnished our home for $40 thrifting!!! (IT'S TOTALLY POSSIBLE!!!!)

  • I like Pancheros over Chipotle. (go to Panch insta or FB and see one of our wedding photos on there!!!)

  • I have 2 tattoos-- and dreams of a few more!!

Our Wedding-Photo by: Haverlee Photography

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