Good morning! (Or afternoon? Still not sure when you make the switch for that)

Good gravy 2019 is filling up! This post is just a little update on all the new things for Corah Zander Photography!!!!

-As you probably noticed, my link is corahbphotography.com BUUUUUT everything else is still Corah Zander. Reason why, is I am getting married this year- and wanted to set up my domain ASAP and I'd have to pay for another domain name if I changed it in June. (Which I didn't really want to do. Just to prepare things before my wedding so I don't forget anything, or work on my honeymoon (bc I'll be TRYING not to, but when in Colorado- do at least one session in the mountains!!!)

-The first of many weddings is April 27th with this sweet couple! At their dinner reception Temi's mom is making a Nigerian meal! So it will be a day with many firsts!!! (Also- there are still many spring dates available!!!!!)

-At this moment in time, there are 6 weddings booked, 2 still in inquiry stage, and an inquiry for 2020!! There is one June Saturday available, all July Saturdays, last 2 weekends in August are available, September is completely open! a few weekends in October, and only one wedding in November! As you can see- there's quite a bit--- but still a lot open!!!

-ALSO this year I am a featured artist with www.weddingpioneer.com!!! They promised to get me a destination wedding- so I'm crossing my fingers!!!!!!!! My dream locations for elopements and destination weddings are: Colorado (if anyone is interested I'll be in Colorado June 2nd (in the evening) through the 7th if you want to book a session!), Hawaii, anywhere along the West Coast (specifically these locations in California: San Diego, Big Sur, Joshua Tree, Redwood Forest. Oregon & Washington Coast) If you book in any of those locations- I will love you forever and also give you a deal on it ;)

- While having all of those weddings booked- I am also in my future sister in laws wedding in August, and a bridesmaid AND photographer in my brothers October wedding---- still don't really know how everything will go down for that but it'll all work out!!!!

-I am also super excited for my bestie Chelsea Davey (@chelseadaveyphotos) This Boss Babe is welcoming a new little life into their family in July, and I have the honor of second shooting for her while she gets back in the swing of things, and taking over a few of her weddings in late July and early August!!!

As I said- there is a LOT going on this year and I'm so excited to be a part of all of these sweet couples wedding days! (based on the fact that I CANNOT wait for my own wedding, I can feel the excitement of all of these 6 of my couples, and 3 of Chelsea's and all the others who will book!

I love you all and cannot wait to get to meet you and your S.O. you have chosen to spend your life with!

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