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Updated: Jan 16

One of the questions every single person who books asks: What should we wear?

I've gotten feedback from both clients and photographerson questions they have and questions they are frequently asked!

Question one: How many outfits should I wear?

This depends on how long the session goes (usually an hour and a half-2 hours), how many locations we go to (usually some in nature, some downtown,15-20 minutes drive time between the two). I say: it's up to you. Most of the time it one to two outfits worn!

For family sessions: one outfit usually, and we tend to stay in one general location!

For Seniors: two to three outfits! We tend to do a combination of 2 sessions: so we can get two seasons!

Question two: What photographs best?

People like to think that patterns are good: in my opinion (as a minimalist in style lol) patterns aren't my favorite when it comes to photos.

If you like patterns: choose minimal ones. Small stripes can often cause a weird effect in photos, it messes with the eyes! Thick Stripes, polka dots, simple florals, those are all great too!

Colors: Keep in mind the location we're shooting in! Neutral colors are my favorite! White, Beige, Olive/Army Green. Pops of color: Mustard, Burgundy, Blues, and Blush tones!

Spring & Summer clothing combos: Fav. T-shirt and shorts or jeans. Nice flowy top, cute skirt!

Fall & Winter: Sweater, jeans & booties. Maxi dress & seriously: anything FUR.

Question Three: What color Schemes work best?

Now, you don't want to be super matchy matchy- like one of those awkward family photos websites- we don't want that.

Color Coordinating is what we want: what colors work best? Greens and Beiges. Pinks and Greens. Blues and Blush tones. Dusty blues and Burgundy. Burgundy and Blushes. Just like you don't decorate your house same in every room- don't have everyone wearing the same thing! Mix it up a bit! And always know- contact me if you need help!!! I'll send you a pinterest board of all my favorites!


Wear what you FEEL GOOD in! Don't come in to the session in an outfit that makes you uncomfortable!

Wear something you don't have to worry about- we don't need you worrying about your bra strap showing, your sweater that only looks good laying a certain way, or a shirt or skirt that's too flowy and reveals a bit too much (we've all been there)

Remember where we are shooting, and the weather conditions. (aka: don't wear something too flowy on a WINDY day, heels after a thunderstorm etc)

Keep in mind where we are shooting at- don't wear heels if we're hiking at ledges.

Try to get your man to dress up as much as you do- BUT make sure he is comfortable in so he's not more grumpy than he already is about a photo shoot. ;)

There is always a lot to think about- feel free to ask me! If you have questions or comments: COMMENT below!

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