Lets Get Real.

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Today I’m not going to talk about the weather, or snuggling up tonight (even though I want to- but I have Christmas shopping bc I haven’t done ANYTHING yet lol) I started listening the goal digger podcast by Jenna Kutcher- I shouldn’t have written off podcasts just because my mom listens to them!

A big thing every business owner said was to be authentic and tell a story. What story am I telling on my social media? Am I telling a story to draw in the ideal clients? Am I telling MY story and drawing people in to my work because of my personality through my work, or simply my work? Am I someone people want to hire? Am I someone people will feel comfortable being honest with and comfortable asking for my input or advice on ideas that they have? 

Is my story one that people WANT to be a part of? Personally- I don’t think so lol. I feel like my life is full of anxiety, and stress and a complete disaster area. I’m currently on the job hunt AGAIN- my 5th time this year looking for a job, I moved 4 times throughout this past year. Every time things start coming together something falls apart on my side, or on Clayton’s side. Currently- we both have no idea what to do. If I could be full time photographer right now- I would and it would be a huge relief for both of us. 

I’m a very impatient person- I don't like waiting for things to fall together. I’m a goal oriented person- a ‘go getter’— being engaged, dropping out of school twice to pursue what I love- and GROWING in every aspect of myself through that- all before I’m 20. A lot of photographers don’t start until 21 or while in school and regret not starting earlier. I’ve known exactly what I want for my business the past year+ now, and I’m chasing that dream down.

I’m learning more and more that I’m more than just ‘a wedding photographer’ I’m more than just engaged to be married.

I am pursuing a dream. Success is more than my following, and how many weddings I have- it’s the connection and relationship I have with the following I DO have. I need to be building my relationships that I do have- not chasing after ones that I don’t. I’m living my life with someone who supports me 10000000% and I support 10000000% as well- we both have dreams and are willing to make sacrifices for the dreams of the other. 

This next year the desire for my business is to view it more of a service than something I'm hired for. Yes- I want you to hire me, but I am providing a service for you. I desire to be far more intentional with my relationships, how my time is spent, and the service I provide. To stop longing for a bigger following and reach out to the people who consistently show up for my dream. There are so many people who respond to my stories, or direct message me on a post I made- there are so many people who have told me I'm their new family photographer, or that they want me for their wedding-- and I still sit there and mope about not having X amount of followers. I am ridiculously blessed with the people backing me up every day. The direct messages and comments I receive on a weekly basis now is such an encouragement to me. Instead of wanting to grow my following, I want to build my relationships with you all. Shoot me a direct message about literally anything.

Being intentional is something I never gave much thought to. I never thought I would have to be intentional in daily tasks- coming home from work and instead of jumping straight into editing or cooking taking time to shower and refresh before the part of the day I can actually ENJOY. I claim to be such an authentic and open person- but I know intentionality is something I must work on. Intentionally stopping editing at a certain time when I'm a full time photographer. Keeping my message responding to daytime hours so I can enjoy my future marriage and family. Being intentional in client interaction and making each and every encounter with you all mean something.

This post went every which way, I know that and I don't really care lol Thats how I work the majority of the time. I can be talking about what to make for supper, to OMG THIS PUPPY, to crying about the weekend ending in 2 days (thankfully it's not 2 days, its 4!!!!!!!)

In order to know what story people want to hear, what kind of posts you all want to see, what you all even LIKE- your feedback is SO appreciated you seriously have no clue what a message means to me- even little comments on my instagram stories, comments about the post. Posts that you make about a session with me- bc I honestly don't know what you all think after a session. Do you leave thinking 'WOW thank goodness that's bc that was awful' do you leave like 'OMG THAT WAS SO MUCH FUUUUN AND I HAVE A NEW BEST FRIEND!!!!!!'

Even if no one reads this, this is my mantra for 2019. I love you all, and cannot wait to meet you in the future (imagine 6 heart emojis)

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